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Learn Laravel in Varanasi | Workshop on Trending Web Technology

Charvix Technology is organizing a workshop on trending web technologies like Laravel. It will be held on 15 March 2020, 11:00 AM.

There will be six session

1. Intro session: Introduction to the company, the introduction of our team and students.

2. Web Technologies Scope: Our experience web developer will describe the scope of a web developer, how to be an extraordinary web developer, what is web developer salary scope in India and another country. We just want to share valuable information on web technologies.

3. A framework of web technologies: Our team will represent a brief discussion on the framework of web technologies like Laravel.

    a. What is it?

    b. How is it work?

    c. Why is it in trending?

    d. How to learn it quickly?

4. Programming session: We will do programming also with a brief discussion.

5. Question Answer Session: You will get an answer to your all type of question-related to your web technologies, your interest and IT other Field.

6. Conclusion and Counselling: Our counsellor will help you to choose a career in IT field. You’ll get all answer regarding your career. You will get a certificate according to your registration type.

Laravel Workshop in Varanasi